Block Party


OCT 27

People worked hard in the rain all night, unloading equipment and sliding poles into position to build a stage. No one wants to build a stage in the cold rain, that's just what you do when others are counting on you. At the time you may not know what excitement and sound the stage will bring to your neighborhood (Nextdoor confirms this). You look at the stage in all its glory and you're proud to be done. 



OCT 28

There were tents and vendors scattered in the parking lot. Kids jumped, hopped, and thwarted themselves relentlessly amongst the bouncy house. The smell of buttery popcorn filled the air. People hustled and bustled with coffees in hand. Folks were standing closer than usual battling one of the first cold nights of the fall. 4pm hit with the swells of Lady legs (local/Garage/Punk) coming through PA speakers. People hurried to finish up conversations and take a spot in the crowd. Fingers white and cheeks red. We could all tell it was a lot colder up on that stage. This never affected the energy of any of the band. The tone was set. Holy Youth followed with just as much zeal! We refill our coffee and grab some heat. Then came Superchunk and they killed it! The performances were hot despite the temperature.  


Elements was lucky to have such a great pop up in store that evening. 

Matt - new to the makers game - picked up stained glass less than a year ago. It is intricate and just straight up bad ass, as is his handle : ApeKnuckles. The idea that we can start making and doing whenever it strikes us just adds to the beauty of being said maker. There is no end, no technical time to begin. You make what you think up when you think it up. 



Counterfeit Rabbit creator, D'Arcy, has been mastering the art and precision of screen printing for some time - from tees to prints to bandanas. Her style - a beautiful balance of gritty and delicate - feel at home with ease here in our store. She is one we are always eagerly waiting to see "what colors and designs is she bringing to the table next?"



Greenwings Ceramics is a collaboration between Hannah and Ashley. Both artists here in Birmingham, they found a niche in their handmade ceramic pieces. Where quirky meets feminine, you'll find Greenwings in that comfortable little pocket. Mugs that can also be planters, platters than can also be wall adornments; hands down one of our favorite new projects. 



Michael came with Mattox Knives. We can't say enough about his craftsmanship and his intention. His knives are carefully and thoughtfully crafted; made with carbon steels, hardwoods, and other natural materials. "Rustic and different; but tough and ready to work", as described by Michael. Check him out, get your custom orders in.



OCT 29

Dust settled, stage broken down and packed away. And we were here, thankful for Seasick Records throwing this event, happy we got to be a part of it, and a bit sleepy. But how bored we would be without the hustle, and how jaded we would be without having loud times to appreciate the quiet times.