Maiden Voyage


It is our first blog post on our first website for our first business. It is our maiden voyage. We jumped ship and built our own raft because we believed in our own ability to survive and dream big. 



Much of our experiences laid solid ground work for what was to come, while other challenges became educational at best. Sometimes they were downright disheartening. There are no directions on how to run a business, however there are guidelines and the government is counting. "Get yourself a good accountant if you're ever going into business." We were warned early on. 


Being your own boss has its perks: We're closed on Monday's! We can bring the dog to work, put beer in the mini fridge, wear alien T-shirts, or take lunch whenever. It also has its drawbacks: Rojo is closed on Monday, no one to ask for time off, being responsible for every aspect of a business: social media & marketing, inventory, POS system, vendor relations, paying the bills. The list doesn't stop. 


As much as all of that may sound like a giant headache. It is the challenge that we so desperately seek. We live to serve and engage the community. We are so thankful for our first quarter of business. We look forward to serving you for many more Birmingham!