Retail Shop Sharing

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Retail shop sharing is not a new idea, but one that has been picking up steam again recently. Sharing a space can mean more than just a way to economize on rent. It helps small business owners pool their resources and support each other for shared success. .

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Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
— James Cash Penney

Mutualism is key. Choose a business that shares your retail space with care. Determine that the other business won't offer items that compete with the products you're selling to customers. Like a clothing store and a chocolate shop!


If sharing a retail space is something you’re considering then you definitely want to talk to others that have went through the process.

Our real world example, basic. and Honeycreeper Chocolate work side by side under the same roof. We went and talked to them on Morris avenue about their journey into shop sharing and the obstacles (if any) they had to overcome. We can’t thank Courtney and Lacey enough for taking time out of their day to chat and enlighten us.

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Beginning in October we started sharing our space with TRXi Vintage! We couldn’t be more excited to have Casey in the shop with us. You may recognize the name TRXi Vintage from pop-ups we’ve had with her in the past. Her eye for style and vintage is magnificent. She’s easy to work independently alongside as well as collaboratively together on projects. Casey is like minded and shares values and vision that are alined with our own. This played a big role in why it was such an easy fit. We look forward to growing together. Retail helps retail, we always say.

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