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I know everyone is giving their recount of 2018 on social media - the ups and downs, wins and losses. Happy times, hard times, all of the waves that you generally feel in a year that we sit down and work thru and think about come December 31st.


Our year probably sounds the same as most of our peers. I know how lucky we are just to exist comfortably and we are wildly thankful for all of our successes and failures. It’s getting more and more difficult to recount each month and each positive or negative in each. They too often get lumped in to one “big picture” view of the year. There were a lot of really great days and a lot of really shitty days so it comes out in the wash as a pretty good year.

There were, however, a lot of milestones in this year for the two of us.

I turned 30, we met and worked with so many creative people in Birmingham, went camping together for the first time, worked in new places, flew across the country together for the first time, kept our 3 little nieces alive and well all by ourselves for several days, said goodbye to friends, met new friends, celebrated a year in business, celebrated 3 years together, flipped our store around to share our space with Casey, and continued to love on our pets and each other.

When I read that paragraph above, I think “there’s no way I can look back on 2018 without so much gratitude and fondness”. But, it would be untruthful of me to not mention that I cried a lot, maintained and lost balance a lot, my weight coincided with my level of stress, money was and is tight, and the level of exhaustion is different than I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had to swallow a lot of pride and have struggled immensely to not exclusively think about the future and worry and let anxiety take over.

But everything is relative and everyone’s circumstances and struggles are just that - their own. I hate making resolutions because I feel like in general they are pretty much a precursor to disappointment and self doubt. And that is exactly what I try to avoid.

So in 2019, I’m not giving you my resolutions - I’ll leave you with some loose guidelines I’m going to set to hopefully maybe achieve a better understanding of these things, but if I don’t it’s OK, I’ll still be happy with myself and I’ll keep working hard.





Best to you in your resolutions, loose guidelines, tentative plans, and hopes.