happy hour

Cocktail Hour...at home


Raise your hand if you're feelin' the January blues in more ways than one? I am raising my hand - battling a cold, the cold, slow days, dark nights, you get it...so you may need a cocktail to combat all of the above feelings.

We love a good cocktail...and there is no shortage of delicious drinks to be had in Birmingham. From the Louis at the Pizitz to Collins Bar** to the Atomic to Lou's Pub and Octane and Carrigan's, there is always a delicious drink with the atmosphere and experience to match. 

But sometimes, we have to practice restraint. Not restraint on our after work drink....just on where we have said drink. So I'm sharing the easiest way to make a simple cocktail at home. You need: herbs + sugar + liquor + citrus + soda

Simple Syrup: boil one cup of sugar with your herbs of choice. I chose Rosemary and Basil because...options...

A good handful (1/4 c) of herbs + 1 cup of sugar + 1 c water - bring to a boil


Let cool for a while before bottling away in mason jars.


For Johnnie's drink - 1.5 oz bourbon + 1 oz rosemary simple syrup + juice of 1 lemon wedge

Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice // strain in to a glass // garnish with rosemary and lemon peel

For my drink - 1.5 oz. vodka + 1 oz basil simple syrup + juice of 1 lemon wedge // made the same way as above but I added a splash of soda to balance out the citrus and give it fizz. *add soda last...shaking in the shaker will end in explosion of the soda.


Cheers + drink responsibly

**fun fact: Johnnie and I's first date was at Collins Bar. His car was towed during the date and his best friend Joey had to come pick us up. It was perfect.