Some say Birmingham was built on iron and steel; but we say it grew like a garden, burgeoning from the inside out. The industrial revolution shaped the vision; but blood, sweat, and tears turned this city into a bustling metropolis - carrying the weight of “the heaviest corner on Earth”. Blood, sweat, and tears are at the core of all great things, they are the Elements of success.

The vision of Elements shaped our day to day as soon as we dared to entertain dreams. Late night conversations about what “our store” would carry turned into product research. Talking logistics led to a thorough business plan. Window shopping retail spaces became signing a lease. Deadlines are a catalyst for positive movement; processing fast paced education and a keen sense for adapting have played a pivotal role in the months approaching our opening on June 22nd, 2017.

Now, the Elements of your carefully curated style come together in a warm shop in Crestwood. As cozy and familiar as your living room with a unique shopping experience offering new men's and women's clothing, local goods, and vintage gems.

We strive to genuinely connect, think creatively, and welcome all.

Owner, Mallory Barnett, is a south Alabama transplant. After earning a degree in Apparel Merchandising & Retail Management at Auburn University, she moved to Birmingham in 2011, at the start of a resurgence in the city.

Partner in life and Co-owner, Johnnie Shaneyfelt, is a Birmingham native. After a decade of retail service, he gave into his wanderlust spirit and took a job as merchandise manager on the road with a band. These years of touring pulled a lot of influence from all over.

Lowe is a rescue from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. She is the store greeter and the bright light in every day. Leo (not pictured) is a wild little cat that keeps us entertained.

We met in Birmingham; we grew together in Birmingham; Birmingham is now a part of our make up - an Element of who we are.